8 Octonauts Party Barnacles Kwazii Peso Plastic Gift Treat Bags

Rating 4 stars
8 Octonauts Party Barnacles Kwazii Peso


Kids love the 8 Octonauts Party . Among the major features is the pack of 8 octonauts party adventure barnacles kwazii peso plastic treat bags. Other features include things like every pack includes 8 treat bags. 013051383084 is the barcode for this Octonaut toy. We want you to get the best price when selecting a Octonaut toy for your kids.

This listing is for a pack of 8 Octonauts Party Adventure Barnacles Kwazii Peso Plastic Loot Bags. Every pack consists of 8 loot bags. Perfect for Octonauts fans and fantastic for children's parties these cheerful loot bags are great for handing out sweets and treats to your party guests. Each of these adorable plastic loot bags functions a charming illustration of Captain Barnacles, Peso Penguin and Kwazii Kitten piloting their submarine against a blue background getting a dark blue and orange border.


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