Fisher Price Imaginext Ocean Squid Figure Set

Rating 4 stars
Ocean Squid Figure Set
Fisher Price Imaginext Ocean Squid Figure Set Image 1

Fisher Price

0027084695298 is the barcode for this awesome Octonaut toy. It weighs approximately 0.44 lbs. To buy this product now at the best price, check out our affilate button on this site.

Imagine. Its a entire new adventure every time you play! youre on an underwater shooting expedition (with your camera, that is) and youre about to snap a shot when a slimy tentacle reaches more than from behind you and snaps it for you! You decide what happens next! Its a huge ocean squidand its focused on you! Will you attempt to wrestle your camera back from it, or just start swimming away before it wraps you up in its other tentacles?


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