Ravensburger Octonauts 60 Piece Giant Floor Puzzle

Rating 4 stars
Octonauts 60 Piece Giant Floor Puzzle
Ravensburger Octonauts 60 Piece Giant Floor Puzzle Image 1


Octonauts 60 Piece is a must own Octonaut toy. Just one of the major characteristics for this Octonaut is the shows captain barnacles, kwazii and peso. Additional features consist of includes fun facts sheet. 4005556053773 is the bar code for this item. Searching for Octonauts 60 Piece , add to cart by clicking on the link below.

Join Captain Barnacles, Kwazii and Peso as they travel beneath the waves in the GUP-A mission vehicle. Suitable for ages 4 years+, the puzzle measures 69 x 49cm when assembled. Youngsters will discover plenty of colour and detai as they piece together the 60 piece puzzle. They are travelling to 3 different places - the Sunlight Zone, the Twilight Zone and the Midnight Zone - discovering lots of fascinating creatures and helping wherever and whenever needed. The Look and Find fact sheet included with the puzzle will ensure plenty of fun and play worth along the way.


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