Octonauts Light Switch Cover 5 Inch Round (12. 5 Cms) Switch Plate Switchplate

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Octonauts Light Switch Cover 5 Inch Round
Octonauts Light Switch Cover 5 Inch Round 12 5 Cms Switch Plate Switchplate Image 1

Character Creations

Package Quantity: 1

Octonauts Light Switch , a great item by Character Creations is a great Octonaut. The UPC (Universal Product Code) for this is 055000612173. One of the several major characteristics is the not a sticker. image is heat sealed into the switchplate, therefore is completely washable. Other highlights consist of octonauts design, hardboard with beautiful glossy finish and beautifully finishes off any room. To get the same cheap price I found, visit our partners via the button below.

This could be a fantastic addition to any bedroom, recroom or playroom and is created from hardboard, getting a glossy front. This item is created from a dye sublimation process, not decoupage. The output is a lot more photo-realistic, more durable, and substantially less vulnerable to fading than other ink technologies. 5 inches all the way around it and is not too close towards the door. 5 cms diameter lightswitch so prior to ordering, please ensure your light switch has at least 2. If this item is too large, i also have rectangular metal plates available, which will fit. This actually is really a sizable 5 inches or 12. The image is heat sealed into the light switch, so can be washed down if needed and the image will not be damaged in any way. Your order will include 2 screws to mount your lightswitch. Dye Sublimation uses high heat and solid dyes to generate photo lab-quality images.


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